HMS Hotel program is a product of Tasarım Rehberi company which serving in the field of technology since 2003.

We served various solutions for public and private enterprises.

In the year 2010, we realised that there is a need of a program in the tourism sector which we were serving and we produced HMS Hotel Program.

We are working on making appropriate and easier solutions by catching the techonology and we are still updating.

We are developing the program every day in our reasearch-development office at Pamukkale University Technopolis.

In this industry our mission, as a company, is being a problem solver by,

Making our customers meet the technology with an economical way,

Making internal and extarnal work-flow easier.

As HMS Hotel Program,

We are;

Pioneer on Research-development activities,



Based upon total quality,

Putting products according to the experience,

Making fast solutions for problems,

Investing on future,


With all these features as a software company, we will give our best service in future as well.





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